Students engage in hands-on activities to motivate them and accelerate the learning process.

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Communication Sensation provides specialized educational services to ensure a child’s success in all core subject areas. Evaluation and treatment are individualized to best meet each child’s needs.



  • Speech sounds
  • Language comprehension
  • Language expression
  • Dyslexia
  • Understand and develop language
    • Develop listening skills
    • Build vocabulary
    • Improve grammar
    • Increase sentence length and complexity
    • Learn to tell and sequence stories (narratives)
    • Develop higher level thinking skills
    • Improve problem solving skills
    • Improve social language
  • Correct speech sounds
  • Improve voice quality
  • Decrease stuttering
  • Develop pre-reading skills
  • Improve reading, reading comprehension, spelling, and writing

 Educational Training for Parents:

  • We offer the It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program for Parents, a family-focused program for parents of children who have language delays.
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We use standardized testing materials (such as the materials shown here), as well as authentic assessment, to get a complete profile of your child’s needs and strengths.

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