Speech-Language-Dyslexia Assessment and Therapy


Our son, Matthew, was born extremely premature and had many medical complications. Due to these medical issues, he was unable to speak for the first two years of life and therefore requires extensive speech therapy. Thankfully, our family found Jackie Carter. We know it was meant to be. She not only exemplifies professionalism, but is so unbelievably positive, creative, encouraging, and fun-loving. Matthew always looks forward to his sessions and is so engaged. Jackie makes something that is so difficult for Matthew much easier to tackle with her exciting approach. The gains Matthew has made in just a little over a year are incredible! Jackie has completely maximized his potential and has gotten so much out of him. We know this was only possible because he is receiving the best therapy service available. Jackie has also been an amazing support for our entire family. She not only provides service for Matthew, but for all of us. She goes above and beyond what is expected of a therapist. We know that with Jackie Carter in our son’s life, he will overcome the speech obstacles presented to him so early in life.

-Paul and Kellie Strege

I am writing this as a thank you and to let you know how much you have helped us.  I say 'us' because you also made a positive difference in my life as a parent while you were working with my son.  We did not know at the time that he was autistic. There just was not the understanding of that disorder, nor was help available though the schools when we needed it.  Even without the diagnosis, you were able to hone-in on our needs with kind understanding and appropriate speech therapy. The methods you used are still helpful in new or novel situations when communication is most difficult.  Your counseling stays with me too and I am better able to deal with the ongoing parenting that has been needed.  I know it has been awhile since we worked with you, but we continue to be so very grateful.  Thank you! 


Jackie Carter is a gift. When we first met Jackie, our daughter Elise was struggling academically and hated school. We were at a loss to explain why her diligent efforts in reading and math were so frustrating to her. After testing Elise, Jackie identified her as dyslexic and began tutoring sessions immediately. Jackie’s systematic program combined with her compassionate and encouraging spirit helped propel Elise along, inspiring her to participate fully in her tutoring sessions. Jackie also guided us, as parents, to become educated about dyslexia and was instrumental in modifying Elise’s school program. One year later, Elise experiences school success. She is reading at grade level and is happy about school. She’s even involved in a book club with her friends. Thanks to Jackie’s efforts, Elise’s future includes the opportunity to successfully utilize her unique brain in a world which relies heavily an academic accomplishments. I believe helping struggling learners is more than a job to Jackie, it is a way of life.

-Michelle Guilbault

I am writing you today to share with you my experiences working with Jackie Carter. I began taking my son Levi, who has autism, to Jackie for speech and language services around February 2007. I was immediately impressed with Jackie’s knowledge of speech and language development. My son meets with Jackie two times a week during the school year and four times a week during the summer months. Levi began to make tremendous progress within the first few weeks of working with Jackie. Jackie uses a lot of music and visuals in her sessions and Levi responded to this right away. Jackie is very organized and I soon realized that this organization is essential to getting the most out of every session. She is always prepared for her sessions and utilizes every minute of those sessions. Not only has Jackie helped my son, but she has helped me as a mother. She is extremely knowledgeable about special education, IEP’s and everyday strategies to overcome the stresses of raising a child with special needs. Jackie always takes the time to explain how Levi’s session went and what they were working on. She keeps fantastic data on Levi’s progress and always finds activities which she can tailor to Levi’s needs. Jackie has truly been a blessing for our family.

-Loni Kopp

I have said out loud to many friends and family that we were so very fortunate to find Jackie when we did! I was taking an Early Literacy graduate college course and, during class discussion about the effects of speech delays on a child’s reading success, I mentioned my son’s situation along with my concerns. Jackie Carter was recommended to me from my graduate college professor. My son started speech therapy with Jackie at age three. He was extremely difficult to understand and he knew it. He wasn’t pronouncing a majority of beginning or ending sounds on most words. Some sounds were substituted for others and some he couldn’t pronounce at all. He is now five years old and an understandable kid! Anyone can understand his conversational speech! His self-confidence has improved and his frustrations about not being understood have vanished! As a parent and a teacher I am comforted knowing that he is making friendships and building relationships because he knows his peers and teachers can understand him. The one-on-one attention that Jackie has given my son has absolutely made the difference in his speech progress. The lessons have been very engaging and motivate my son to continue his efforts both at home and in school. I would strongly recommend Jackie Carter to meet your child’s speech and language needs. She is a caring and professional therapist who has meant so much in both my child’s life and mine as his mom.

-From a parent who has a child with special needs

Our son has been working with Jackie for over two years now. In that time, Samuel has developed and progressed substantially. Jackie’s enthusiasm and supportive nature enhance her teaching techniques and allow for ever-changing lessons. She is always finding reading passages that are of interest to our son. Her positive and straight-forward approach helps Samuel to experience the benefits of his hard work. Jackie has the ability to help the child stick to “the task at hand” and in turn helps students instill self-confidence and pride in their own advancements. We are indeed grateful to have found Jackie, and are confident in her teaching our child.

-Carrie Noonan

We call Jackie Carter our angel! Our eight-year-old son has a severe speech and language delay, a processing disorder, and ADD. We were unsuccessful for many years to find a speech/language pathologist in the Milwaukee area that could “connect” with Jason. About two years ago we contacted a special needs school in Madison and the head of the school gave very strong reference to Jackie Carter for speech and languages services. That recommendation has changed our lives! The very first session Jason attended with “Miss Jackie” he connected with her in a way we have never seen. Every week we travel over 120 miles round trip to “Miss Jackie’s” and she is worth every mile! Jason’s use and understanding of language has improved exponentially. We have never met anyone with more compassion and empathy toward her clients. In addition to the great work she does with Jason, she has helped us tremendously through the IEP process and taught us to be better advocates for our son! Any time we have a question or concern about Jason’s development, Jackie has always been there to support us in every way. WE LOVE OUR ANGEL!

-Rick and Julie Schuster, Franklin WI